(Senior) Developer

Job description

Insurance is boring? Think again! Openclaims is on a mission to reinvent insurance. In short: our solution enables motor insurance companies to provide customers with a car damage with an unparalleled customer journey and realize a significant cost reduction at the same time. To realize this, we use a combination of a topnotch Saas platform and creative thinking. After a successful start in the Netherlands, Openclaims will expand to new countries this year. As a (Senior) developer in our development team you actively contribute to the future of an enormous global market!

Openclaims is an award winning company of (a.o.) the Dutch and European Fintech Awards. From our HQ in Amsterdam we work with a fast growing team (20+ people) on our next steps: growth and internationalization.


About Openclaims: repair management in motor insurance

Openclaims operates in the repair management domain of car damages. This is an interesting market: for consumers, the repair process is far from customer friendly (think: reporting a damage takes a lot of paper work, planning an appointment at the body shop is not straightforward), insurance companies face increasing costs (both in repair costs and the organizational costs e.g. when a customer calls the insurance company because something is unclear). Also the body shops are under pressure because the tariffs for which they repair are being lowered by the insurance companies as a means to reduce costs. This creates an unhealthy insurance ecosystem which Openclaims wants to change. In stead of maximizing the profits for one party, we choose to create a win win win situation: ease and speed for consumers, cost reduction for insurers and more revenue for the body shops. This allows us really innovate in a sustainable way. 


Working in our development team. 

Openclaims' development team distinguishes itself by developing complete, high impact processes in a super short period of time. In the insurance market, this means that you develop processes for multiple groups of users, for instance: the end customer with a motor insurance claim, the claim handler employed by an insurer and a mechanic at a body shop. 

For us, it's important to not only understand functional needs but also emotional needs of our users perfectly and to translate this towards simple to use and extremely friendly solutions. There is a small border between our products and our development teams. This means that a lot of our projects are handled together with greatly enhances the actual impact you have on the development of our platform.

Our tech stack includes React, Java, Mendix and R. Currently we're working on the modularity and scalability of our platform (as we're going to expand internationally), and the integration with other applications (it's really important for us to have a good spot in the insurtech ecosystem). Besides that, we're currently developing and implementing an entirely new UI and UX with which we are enhancing the handling of motor insurance claims to a whole new level. 


"One day you are creating an entirely new process that saves customers a week of repair time, the other day you're implementing an application that helps a body shop generate more revenue. And maybe next week we will be integrating predictive analyses tools and other systems for state of the art body shops all around Europe" . - Joris Hooi, CTO.


The opening: (Senior) developer

Working at Openclaims means working in a fast moving and agile environment. You will be part of our existing development team that has built our entire platform so far. In your role as a developer you aren't afraid to work with new technologies and you have sufficient vigor and persuasion to learn ánd master them. In your team you will work together with a Product Owner from the business, a Technical lead and other developers. 

Communication is fast and efficient which leads to fast implementation of new features and/or products. A development job at Openclaims isn't simply 'doing as told', you are encouraged to speak up and contribute when new features are suggested. This leads to a healthy working atmosphere. 



  • Building great solutions is what gets you going in the morning (and the rest of the day ofc!) 
  • Familiarity with Java and/or Mendix is a great plus!
  • You have sufficient knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript (and always eager to learn!).
  • You understand the importance of a good frontend. 
  • You like mastering new technologies. 
  • You are looking to be part of the dynamic environment and story of a fast-growing scale up. 

You will be part of our development team and will contribute to our platform from day 1. Because large parts of our platform are build with Mendix (RAD framework), familiarity with this tool is a great plus. If you're not familiar, but very eager to learn, let us know! We are offering you an opportunity to contribute to a fast-growing company and platform with the potential to reshape a huge global market!



Because we are growing fast we spend much time on structure and coaching. This means we set our company targets for each six months and translate these to concrete objectives for every team. This is also the basis for every individual to weekly define your own goals and priorities and to evaluate these with your team lead. On a monthly basis we have so called Pulse Meetings where we share our experiences and make sure everyone stays on the same page. 


Get in touch!

Let us know when you are interested in the role for (senior) developer. We can set up meetings with different people within Openclaims, this way we both can get to know each other. Openclaims also offers the possibility to work with us for a day so you can get a good feel of what it is like. 



This position is open for both fulltime and parttime (e.g. students) candidates. Preferably you live in (the vicinity of) Amsterdam. 



Do you have questions about the role of (Senior) developer at Openclaims or would you like to have a cup of coffee and discuss the possibilities, please contact Joris Hooi, CTO : jorishooi [at] openclaims.com!

If you would like to apply directly, please use the button on this page.