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UX Specialist

Netherlands, Noord-Holland, AmsterdamProducts

Job description

LOCATIONS: Amsterdam, Netherlands | Copenhagen, Denmark | Cologne, Germany

We are an award-winning Insurtech for a reason. With our top-notch Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS), we offer über smart and high-speed processing of car repairs at a fair price to our clients. Be it in the insurance, commercial fleet, or automotive industry. Without our curious, innovative, and always ahead-of-the-game squad, this would be impossible. Our team is looking for enthusiasts who will go above and beyond to make our clients happy, and make a global impact in the process. This is where you come in!


User experience is extremely important for Openclaims, our customers, and the end-users. To excel with regards to UX/UI you will need to review (and improve) the UX of all Openclaims products (existing and future). You will be directly involved in upcoming sprints (agile way of working) to design new products and functionality with UX excellence in mind from the start; furthermore, you will review currently existing products to define and implement improvements. The challenge we face and that we (and you specifically) will have to solve using different types of research methodologies lies in the fact that Openclaims has many different types of end-users (and user roles) that interact very differently with our products and our platform. What we expect from you: 

  • Build: the Openclaims UX practice, processes & and set up knowledge transfer of expertise in the area of UX.
  • Set up 'living' style guides and guidelines that can be followed to ensure the best-practice implementation of UX into every aspect of our products.
  • Create prototypes, wireframes, user stories, personas, and storyboards during the development of new products and features. Furthermore, brief stakeholders based on the aforementioned results/output.
  • Integrate UX (improvements and features) into the Openclaims development cycle.
  • Plan, organize, and conduct (key-)user research, and interpret/translate the results into actionable ideas.
  • Conduct concept and usability testing.
  • Collaborate with other experts to create intuitive, user-friendly software.
  • Stay up to date on competitor products and industry trends.
  • Set up new company processes (and improve on existing ones) for UX-related topics. Implement UX improvements for already existing Openclaims products
  • Design new features and products with UX in mind from inception to implementation (from the ground up)
  • Create a company repository with style guides, guidelines, and UX-related topics for the team to consult
  • Create a company repository with output from all types of qualitative and quantitative UX research to consult and use to prioritize enhancements and improvements


Being part of our R&D team makes you co-owner of its challenges and co-contributor to its success. In close collaboration with your 8 R&D colleagues, you continuously monitor, test, and improve what we do as Openclaims. By playing an active part in the daily, weekly, and monthly testing routines (performance, regression, and security), you help create a single source of truth, with findings based on accurate data. With the latest technologies and techniques, you and your R&D peers help our business to innovate, improve delivery times and stay focused on creating the highest quality output for our clients.

Job requirements


  • At least 3 years of experience with UX
  • Self-starting/independent, entrepreneurial & persisting to really build this expertise within OC
  • Strong communicator & collaborator (towards organization and R&D team)
  • Analytical, creative, and executing skills, from analysis to concept to implementation, full "spectrum".
  • Attention to detail concerning UX and UI.


  • Growth: be part of a growing business and get time and € for professional development
  • Inspiration: be part of a young, international team of intelligent minds; learn & co-create
  • Responsibility: own what you do and be trusted to do it well and deliver
  • Flexibility: work when and where with the end result in mind
  • Fun: join our Milestone champagne celebrations, Friday drinks on our rooftop, catered lunch and occasional social silliness


  • apply so we know who we are dealing with
  • join a phone call to exchange info and check our compatibility
  • join us in a follow-up phone call/visit us
  • meet part of the team and receive & present a challenging case
  • we do a reference-check
  • we agree on terms and conditions
  • you join us!