What we do and why we love it

The intelligence of cars is ever increasing. And our dependence on our vehicle is stronger than ever. With that, comes a demand of equally smart, optimal and high-speed processing of repairs. 

As an Award-winning scale-up, we at Openclaims offer businesses a top-notch Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) solution. Our recipe for success? It’s in the quality of our product, our relationship with our clients and how we operate within our squad. With our Amsterdam-based team of domain experts, tech and product specialists and commercial professionals, we are always on the go to find the best ways of improving and securing optimal vehicle body repair processing and costs. Our ultimate goal with our product is twofold: optimal client satisfaction and making a worldwide impact. Be it for clients in the insurance, fleet or automotive industry.

The way we work together

  • We promote curiosity and innovative, creative and divergent thinking. No idea is farfetched enough if you can substantiate its expected impact.
  • We challenge, ask, investigate, explore, debate, propose, test a revisit to truly grasp what is required to stay on top of the evolving needs of our clients.
  • Although our software is far from simple, we use uncomplicated language for anyone to understand what it is we do and what our product offers.
  • We follow-through on our ideas and deliver optimally and quickly.
  • Be it within our squad or in relation to our clients, we are approachable, fun and easy to work with. We share a positive can-do vibe and do what we say.

We work hard and play hard

Our people tell us they love working at Openclaims in Amsterdam-C for many reasons: our innovative and scale-up-business energy and work ethic, gaming and fun TGIFs on our rooftop, ample learning opportunities and energetic collaboration as a multi-cultural team to truly make an impact. That, with the opportunity to inspire and be inspired, show initiative and take ownership, makes everyone go above and beyond to ‘make it happen’.

Are you innovative, original, quick in your mind and on your feet, and always eager to find out the why before the what? You may just be the perfect addition to our growing team. Check our job ads for specs and do get in touch!

Meet our heroes

Lex Orie
CMO - Co-founder
Stephan Stergiou
CEO - Co-founder
Joris Hooi
André van Zijdveld
Evert Jan Stagge
Mick Steffens
Alec Maas
Ies Vermegen-Jaspers
Marketing a.i.
Cesar Lopez
Car damage & Operations Specialist
Franck van der Sluis
Business Intelligence
Thom Frijters
Customer Succes
Frederik Elissen
Olle Mol
Product Management
Euclid Haralambidis
Product Management
Tobias Hanke
Software Development
Anthony Quick
Software Development
Simone Assumpcao
Software Development
Wesley Preece
Software Development
Joost Jansen
Quality Management
Artem Tisakov
Test Engineer
Geeske Vos

Openclaims HQ

Amsteldijk 10-1, Amsterdam

Openclaims HQ

Amsteldijk 10-1 Amsterdam